Special Size Gage Blocks
Webber Gage can provide non-standard (special) sizes of our rectangular, square and heavy duty gage block lines to suit your needs in both English and metric sizes. Custom sets can also be manufactured to suit your measurement and calibration needs. Integration of special size blocks with standard gage blocks into a single unified set can solve those difficult calibration requirements. We have manufactured custom gage blocks and sets for the U.S. military, aerospace, defense, nuclear, automotive and general manufacturing industries.

Additionally, we can provide custom size angle blocks, reflecting cubes and metal targets for those difficult alignment problems. Whether aligning machinery, or wings on an airframe, we can help you find a solution.

Custom Designed Gages and Lapping
Need something flat and parallel? Talk to us! We have the capabilities to lap objects from a few millimeters to a few inches on a side.

Need a specialized gage outside of the normal gage block geometry? Talk to us, we may be able to provide a solution!

Need precision spacers? Spacers are only one step from a gage block and can be fabricated from our standard materials.

Custom components can be manufactured from our standard materials of steel, croblox, or ceramic. Customer supplied materials can also be used, within reason, that are compatible with our manufacturing processes, of course!

For more information on custom fabrication services or custom size gage blocks, contact our sales department at 440-835-0001 (phone), 440-892-9555 (fax) or via e-mail at
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