6 Steps -- How to Select a Gage Block Set
1)  Decide which system of measurement (inch or metric) is most appropriate.

2)  Determine the range of measurements that might be made from the desired set.
     Break down the measurements into ranges that are frequently made and
     infrequently made.

3)  Determine the "comfortable range" of a set. (Click here to expand this choice.)

4) Choose a style of block:  (Rectangular, Square, or Heavy Duty).   Note:  The choice of
    style may restrict the choice of material and grades.  (Click here to contract this choice.)
A.  Rectangular style:  The most common style of gage block is the rectangular style block which is the least
       expensive to manufacture.  Larger combinations are more difficult to make using rectangular blocks than with
       other styles.  Rectangular  style blocks are best suited for combinations through 8 inches (200mm).
       Rectangular style blocks are available in both Inch and Metric sizes and in steel, croblox, and ceramic materials.
B.  Square Style: The hole in the center of the block give this style block some additional features.  The primary
       purpose of the hole is to allow tie rods and screws through the center of the blocks, so that combinations can
       be semi-permanently fixed together.  The hole also forces the user away from the center of the block, so that
       any wear on the block  is more uniformly distributed.  The square style block has a larger surface area and is
       approximately 30 to 50% more expensive than rectangular style blocks. Square style blocks are available in
       both Inch and Metric sizes and in steel and croblox materials.  (Not available in ceramic material).   Metric blocks
       are limited to 2mm base series, and grade 0 (Webber A1) only.

       Square style blocks are suited for combinations up through 40 inches (1 meter) in length.  However,
       combinations above 20 inches (500mm) may be more difficult to assemble.
C.  Heavy Duty blocks:  These blocks have a unique side clamping feature on the larger blocks that makes
       them ideal for building large combinations of almost any length.  Heavy Duty blocks are limited to the Inch
       system of measurement and are only available in steel material,  Grade 0 (Webber A1) accuracy.
5) Choose a gage block material.  (Click here to expand this choice.)

6) Choose an accuracy grade.    Note:  Certain accuracy grades may not be available in all
    materials or styles.  (Click here to expand this choice.)
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