YouTube Video Links
As an educational tool for our customers, Webber Gage has produced several short videos discussing how to select gage blocks by style, material and application, as well as the wringing and assembly of gage block stacks to assemble measuring instruments. Other subjects covered include measurement systems, accuracy grades and maintenance and care of gage blocks. The videos are on YouTube at the links below. We hope you will find these videos educational and helpful!
1. Introduction to Webber Gage Blocks

2. Sets and Calibration

3. Systems and Accuracy

4, Material Selection

5. Sizes, Stacks and Accessories

6. Gage Block Care

7. Why Starrett Webber?

For more information on gage blocks, how to select gage blocks and sets, use of accessories and gage block care, contact our sales department at 440-835-0001 (phone), 440-892-9555 (fax) or via e-mail at
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