DIGI-CHEK E258 12" Height Gage
DIGI-CHEK II 25" Height Gage
Catalog No. DHG12-E258
Catalog No. DHG25
The DIGI-CHEK series of height gages combine the accuracy of Starrett-Webber gage blocks with either precision mechanical or electronic digital readouts for accurate measurements up to 85".
DIGI-CHEK E258 Series *NEW for 2019*
Introducing the E258 digital height gage. The E258 features a new battery operated electronic digital display. The E258 series features the same satin chrome scales mounted beside the gage block column for quick reference to nearest 1" or 25 mm reading as its predecessor. The digital readout reads in .0001" or .001 mm while the micrometer head reads to .0001" or .002 mm. Both over and under heights can be checked from the gage blocks in a single setting. Readings can be taken from either left, center or right of the gage block column. The gage itself is mounted in a heavily flanged frame for stability while the base has three-point hardened bearing pads making the unit virtually tip-proof. For increased height capacity a 10" riser block is available. English E258 series height gages are available in 12", 18" and 24" sizes. Metric E258 series height gages are available in 300 mm, 400 mm and 600 mm sizes. Certificates of Calibration are available at extra cost, as are finished wooden storage cases. Download the E258 information card here.
The DHG series are the world's fastest and most precise height masters, ideal for those who need the highest degree of accuracy over an extremely long vertical range. The DIGI-CHEK II series can be used in the laboratory or on the shop floor. Inspection costs can be lowered thanks to the tool's ease of use and quick setup time. Thanks to the gage block stack's free standing design, thermal equilibration times are shorter. Utilization of optional reverse reading blocks allow measurements from the underside of the master gage blocks. Resolution is 10 µin. for English units and .5 µm for metric units. Optional Certificates of Calibration and reverse reading blocks are available at extra cost.

Over the years, the DIGI-CHEK II height gages have used various displays in their manufacture. Due to the various models used, fusing requirements have varied. Click here for a pdf chart of the various displays and required fuses.

Repair and Recalibration Services
The Webber Gage Division of the L. S. Starrett Co. offers repair and recalibration services for all Starrett DIGI-CHEK and DIGI-CHEK II height gages. Services range from simple recalibrations to complete teardowns and rebuilding of the tools. Your height gage will be evaluated for a $75 charge which will be applied to any repair charges you choose to accept. Please note that most older 258 height gages can be retrofitted with the new electronic display. For more information on height gage repair and retrofit services or how to return a height gage for repair, contact our sales department at 440-835-0001 (phone), 440-892-9555 (fax) or via e-mail at
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