The Starrett-Webber Gage Block Maintenance Kit

Customers have asked for it and it is available now!

A kit containing all the materials you need to clean, maintain and preserve your gage blocks.

The kit contains a resealable pack of 50 alcohol saturated wipers for cleaning your gage blocks along with two pair of nylon gloves and two sizes of forceps for handling gage blocks. An optical quality dust pen and a microfiber cloth are included for lint and dust removal. A gage block stone is included for burr removal as well as a 2" optical flat for checking block flatness. A chamois cloth and two ounce bottle of Starrett M1 oil are included to apply a protective coating to your blocks. All this in a zippered soft case for $350 MSRP!
For more information on the new Gage Block Maintenance Kit contact our sales department at 440-835-0001 (phone), 440-892-9555 (fax) or via e-mail at, or your local Starrett distributor. Ask for part number GMK 1.
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